On Saturday September 2nd, at 19:15 CET, the 2017 SUDT season will come to an end, as the Crazy Dogs face Freespeed in the finals. Freespeed was able to win all the games versus their rival from Stans this year, but the Crazy Dogs just showed a fantastic weekend at European Regionals, finishing on a higher rank than Freespeed.
Who’s the favorite? We’ll let you decide. Or just come to Schenkon at 19:00 and watch the game!
The event is combined with the Swiss Juniors Ultimate Championships which take place at the same venue all weekend. Come an cheer on the next generation of Swiss Ultimate players and stay to watch high level Ultimate. Drinks and food will be served, entry is free.


Date Time Competition Season
2. September 2017 19:15 Swiss Ultimate Disc Tour 2017


Landhof Basel
Riehenstrasse 78A, 4058 Basel, Schweiz


Freespeed Basel15
Crazy Dogs Stans11

Freespeed Basel

# Player
6van Baarsen Tobias
7Menzinger David
11Nève Gilles
13Miglioretto Nicolas
14Tahsin Kuzdere
17Käser Florian
20Seipp Jendrick
21Ohla Harald
27Müller Caspar
28Miglioretto Luca
33Busch Nicolas
35Allen Benjamin
37Brüderlin Robin
39Müller Lucius
45Elmiger Marco
60Gaugler Olivier
69Lutz Colin
72Hettich Matthias
77Moser David
91Hotz Dennis
94Ebinger Jakob
96von Wartburg Simon

Crazy Dogs Stans

# Player
2Egli Lukas
7Weiersmüller Philip
8Andermatt Meinrad
9Monaco Yanick
11Jacomet Mario
13Schmid Pedro
24Immersi Daniele
28Barmettler Reto
31Blättler Ivo
32Achermann Simon
33Riedle Aaron
43Rönicke Florian
49Bühlmann Nicolas
50Furrer Basil
55Bircher Linus
57Z’Rotz Bruno
64Ittmann Simon
67Blättler Jonas
68Schmid Stefan
69Jacomet Fabio
70Waser Andreas
73Hüsler David
78von Flüe Gregor
86Durrer Adrian
90Zelger Mario
97Klaus Ramon